Obama campaigns in Ashwaubenon

ASHWAUBENON — "You know I will fight for you, and your families, every single day. As hard as I know how," said President Barack Obama.

President Obama spoke directly to Northeast Wisconsin, in his first campaign stop following superstorm Sandy.

"And after all we've been through together we sure as heck can't give up now," said Obama.

The president stepped off Air Force One at Austin Straubel International Airport in Ashwaubenon around 10:30 Thursday morning.

He went on to address more than 2,000 supporters on the tarmac.

Photos: Presidential candidates visit Northeast Wisconsin   

On the heels of Sandy, the president told the crowd party lines melt away when the country needs to band together.

"When disaster strikes, we see America at its best. All of the petty differences that consume us in normal times, all seem to melt away. There are no Democrats or Republicans during a storm. We're just fellow Americans," Obama said.

Obama went on to attack opponent Mitt Romney, saying the Republican presidential nominee is not the candidate of change he portrays himself to be.

"What the governor is offering sure ain't change. Giving power back to the biggest banks isn't change, leaving millions without health insurance isn't change, another $5 trillion tax cut that favors the wealthy isn't change," said Obama.

The president asked supporters for four more years to complete the changes he's been trying to make since his election in 2008.

He said his administration has met many of his goals, but hasn't finished the job.

"Now is the time to keep pushing forward to educate all our kids, and train all our workers, to create new jobs and rebuild our infrastructure, to discover new sources of energy to broaden opportunity to grow our middle class to restore our democracy," Obama said.

Voters we spoke with said the clear choice is to keep Obama in office

"We need him desperately for four more years. He's just ah, he's just the greatest, the greatest. He will do so much for our country," said Pat Broetzman of Hickory Corners.

After his stop in the Green Bay area, President Obama had other campaign events scheduled in Nevada and Colorado as he made his final push ahead of Tuesday's election.

Obama will be back in Wisconsin before November 6th , accompanied by some star power. The president will be in Milwaukee with singer Katy Perry on Saturday. He will be joined by Bruce Springsteen at a rally in Madison on Monday.

Republicans have another view

Republicans are reacting to the president's visit by questioning his leadership.

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson released the following statement:

"During a time when America hungers for leadership, President Obama has failed to provide it. His policies have resulted in a national debt that exceeds $16 trillion, reduced average family income by $4,500, and left 23 million Americans unemployed and 47 million Americans on food stamps. Now he's back in Wisconsin asking voters to give him a second chance.

"We can't afford to give him another chance. Americans want to go back to work, to utilize the abundance of our nation, and to return America to a land of unlimited opportunity. We need real leaders in the White House who understand what made America great, how to create jobs, and how to heal our economy. Those leaders are Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan."

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I live in the Delafield (Lake Country Area), Waukesha County and really wanted to see your coverage of this event. We never seem to get the great coverage of what goes on in the Green Bay Area. Since my sister lives in Gillet and brother lives in Appleton, I know I can rely on Fox 11. I was able to watch the entire event through your live stream. It was wonderful!!! Thank you so much. The view of Air Force One in the sky above the airport and then how you photographers had closeups of the crowd while playing "Everyday America" was amazing. Thank you!

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